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The world’s only weighted compression gear!

TITIN Inc. is at the tip of the spear when it comes to new and innovation athletic gear. TITIN Inc. currently has dealers/distributors in 13 countries and growing.

TITIN Inc. is a company who challenges the status quo with everything we design. We believe in Hyper Gravity training while evenly loading your body with weight rather than solely on your shoulders. TITIN is patented form-fitting weighted apparel with gel weights as inserts. The gel can be heated or frozen and stays hot or cold for 30-45 minutes for thermal therapy/mobile ice bath.  We have had a lot of exposure domestically and internationally through military, pro athletes, and celebrities. We have done research with Under Armour to see the benefits of our products and how it benefits top-tier athletes. 

Our 8 lbs. system is evenly distributed across your body to feel like a 20 lbs. weight vest, without compromising form or adding bulk. Most weight vests are bulky and cumbersome; they shift and slide around, applying all the weight to your shoulders. TITIN Ins.'s dynamic load isolates your fast-twitch muscle fibers for increased fiber recruitment to help you run faster and jump higher. It is simple physics; torsional training uses the sum of the moments generated by the athlete. If you train in a vest, it does not have enough friction to stay tight to the body. This causes a second cadence, torsional slip from the vest and athlete. This is also known to affect the Kinematic Sequence of the athlete’s movement. With Hyper Wear, even if you have a tight enough fit to your body it does not have enough change in inertial mass to stimulate athletic gains as the athletes inertial mass has not been changed substantially.

TITIN Inc. provides weight on the extremities which allows the athletes to increase their inertial mass without restriction or compromise. TITIN thereby will not affect the kinematic sequence while applying an evenly distributed weight load.


Lastly, ALL WEIGHT VESTS apply weight on the shoulder. This has been proven to cause poor posture and slouching (put on a 50lbs vest and notice the difference in postural change). TITIN loads the body evenly and thereby loading weight on their extremities along with the torso. Physics and biomechanics show us that this creates better postural alignment for any athlete by mentally forcing the athlete to pull their shoulders back and stand upright; opening up the diaphragm, allowing for better breathing and athletic agility. Poor posture causes nerve damage, weakens your immune system and can limit range of motion on joints. 


Everything we design is made with the highest quality materials, from the fibers to the gel. As far as sizing is concerned we designed the shirts around standard compression sizing, i.e. if he wears a Large Under Armour shirt he is a Large in TITIN. 

TITIN Force system comes with;

4 Chest Gels

10 Shoulder Gels

14 Total Gels come in a set


You’ll hate it.

You’ll love it.

This 8lb. shirt will kick your ass.



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